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◆ bytebuffer_append_byte()

void bytebuffer_append_byte ( bytebuffer_t s,
const uint8_t  val 

Writes a uint8_t value to the buffer.

Definition at line 157 of file bytebuffer.c.

References bytebuffer_makeroom(), LWDEBUGF, and bytebuffer_t::writecursor.

Referenced by lwgeom_write_to_buffer(), and ptarray_to_twkb_buf().

158 {
159  LWDEBUGF(2,"Entered bytebuffer_append_byte with value %d", val);
160  bytebuffer_makeroom(s, 1);
161  *(s->writecursor)=val;
162  s->writecursor += 1;
163  return;
164 }
uint8_t * writecursor
Definition: bytebuffer.h:53
#define LWDEBUGF(level, msg,...)
Definition: lwgeom_log.h:55
static void bytebuffer_makeroom(bytebuffer_t *s, size_t size_to_add)
If necessary, expand the bytebuffer_t internal buffer to accomodate the specified additional size...
Definition: bytebuffer.c:131
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