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◆ assvg_line_buf()

static size_t assvg_line_buf ( const LWLINE line,
char *  output,
int  relative,
int  precision 

Definition at line 163 of file lwout_svg.c.

References pointArray_svg_abs(), pointArray_svg_rel(), and LWLINE::points.

Referenced by assvg_geom_buf(), assvg_line(), and assvg_multiline_buf().

164 {
165  char *ptr=output;
167  /* Start path with SVG MoveTo */
168  ptr += sprintf(ptr, "M ");
169  if (relative)
170  ptr += pointArray_svg_rel(line->points, ptr, 1, precision);
171  else
172  ptr += pointArray_svg_abs(line->points, ptr, 1, precision);
174  return (ptr-output);
175 }
static size_t pointArray_svg_rel(POINTARRAY *pa, char *output, int close_ring, int precision)
Definition: lwout_svg.c:546
uint8_t precision
Definition: cu_in_twkb.c:25
static size_t pointArray_svg_abs(POINTARRAY *pa, char *output, int close_ring, int precision)
Returns maximum size of rendered pointarray in bytes.
Definition: lwout_svg.c:632
Definition: liblwgeom.h:406
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