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BOX3D_in - takes a string rep of BOX3D and returns internal rep.

example: "BOX3D(x1 y1 z1,x2 y2 z2)" or "BOX3D(x1 y1,x2 y2)" z1 and z2 = 0.0

Referenced by BOX3D_combine(), BOX3D_expand(), BOX3D_in(), BOX3D_out(), BOX3D_to_BOX(), box3d_to_box_p(), BOX3D_xmax(), BOX3D_xmin(), BOX3D_ymax(), BOX3D_ymin(), BOX3D_zmax(), BOX3D_zmin(), expand_box3d(), and LWGEOM_to_BOX3D().

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