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◆ minheap_pop()

static areanode* minheap_pop ( MINHEAP tree,
areanode arealist 

Get a reference to the point with the smallest effective area from the root of the min heap.

Definition at line 185 of file effectivearea.c.

References down(), MINHEAP::key_array, LWDEBUG, window::res, areanode::treeindex, and MINHEAP::usedSize.

Referenced by tune_areas().

186 {
187  LWDEBUG(2, "Entered minheap_pop");
188  areanode *res = tree->key_array[0];
190  /*put last value first*/
191  tree->key_array[0]=tree->key_array[(tree->usedSize)-1];
192  ((areanode*) tree->key_array[0])->treeindex=0;
194  tree->usedSize--;
195  down(tree,arealist,0);
196  return res;
197 }
tuple res
This structure is placed in an array with one member per point.
Definition: effectivearea.h:24
#define LWDEBUG(level, msg)
Definition: lwgeom_log.h:50
int treeindex
Definition: effectivearea.h:27
int usedSize
Definition: effectivearea.h:41
areanode ** key_array
Definition: effectivearea.h:42
static void down(MINHEAP *tree, areanode *arealist, int parent)
Sift Down.
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