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◆ varint_s64_encode_buf()

size_t varint_s64_encode_buf ( int64_t  val,
uint8_t *  buf 

Definition at line 81 of file varint.c.

References _varint_u64_encode_buf(), and zigzag64().

Referenced by bytebuffer_append_varint(), do_test_s64_roundtrip(), do_test_s64_varint(), and sizeof_bbox().

82 {
83  return _varint_u64_encode_buf(zigzag64(val), buf);
84 }
static size_t _varint_u64_encode_buf(uint64_t val, uint8_t *buf)
Definition: varint.c:26
uint64_t zigzag64(int64_t val)
Definition: varint.c:160
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