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◆ lwgeom_flip_coordinates()

LWGEOM* lwgeom_flip_coordinates ( LWGEOM in)

Reverse the X and Y coordinate order.

Useful for geometries in lat/lon order than need to be converted to lon/lat order.

NOTE: uses lwgeom_swap_ordinates internally, kept for backward compatibility

Definition at line 1458 of file lwgeom.c.

References lwgeom_swap_ordinates(), LWORD_X, and LWORD_Y.

Referenced by do_lwgeom_flip_coordinates().

1459 {
1461  return in;
1462 }
void lwgeom_swap_ordinates(LWGEOM *in, LWORD o1, LWORD o2)
Swap ordinate values in every vertex of the geometry.
Definition: lwgeom.c:1464
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