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◆ edge_point_on_plane()

int edge_point_on_plane ( const GEOGRAPHIC_EDGE e,

Returns true if the point p is on the great circle plane.

Forms the scalar triple product of A,B,p and if the volume of the resulting parallelepiped is near zero the point p is on the great circle plane.

Definition at line 725 of file lwgeodetic.c.

References edge_point_side(), LW_FALSE, and LW_TRUE.

Referenced by edge_contains_point().

726 {
727  int side = edge_point_side(e, p);
728  if ( side == 0 )
729  return LW_TRUE;
731  return LW_FALSE;
732 }
#define LW_FALSE
Definition: liblwgeom.h:62
#define LW_TRUE
Return types for functions with status returns.
Definition: liblwgeom.h:61
static int edge_point_side(const GEOGRAPHIC_EDGE *e, const GEOGRAPHIC_POINT *p)
Returns -1 if the point is to the left of the plane formed by the edge, 1 if the point is to the righ...
Definition: lwgeodetic.c:644
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