PostGIS  2.1.10dev-r@@SVN_REVISION@@
static int box2df_from_gbox_p ( GBOX box,
BOX2DF *  a 

Definition at line 227 of file gserialized_gist_2d.c.

References LW_SUCCESS, next_float_down(), next_float_up(), GBOX::xmax, GBOX::xmin, GBOX::ymax, and GBOX::ymin.

Referenced by gserialized_datum_get_box2df_p().

228 {
229  a->xmin = next_float_down(box->xmin);
230  a->xmax = next_float_up(box->xmax);
231  a->ymin = next_float_down(box->ymin);
232  a->ymax = next_float_up(box->ymax);
233  return LW_SUCCESS;
234 }
double xmax
Definition: liblwgeom.h:249
#define LW_SUCCESS
Definition: liblwgeom.h:55
float next_float_down(double d)
Definition: lwgeom_api.c:129
float next_float_up(double d)
Definition: lwgeom_api.c:145
double ymin
Definition: liblwgeom.h:250
double xmin
Definition: liblwgeom.h:248
double ymax
Definition: liblwgeom.h:251

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