PostGIS  2.1.10dev-r@@SVN_REVISION@@
void rt_set_handlers ( rt_allocator  allocator,
rt_reallocator  reallocator,
rt_deallocator  deallocator,
rt_message_handler  error_handler,
rt_message_handler  info_handler,
rt_message_handler  warning_handler 

This function is called when the PostgreSQL backend is taking care of the memory and we want to use palloc family.

Definition at line 846 of file rt_api.c.

References rt_context_t::alloc, rt_context_t::dealloc, rt_context_t::err, rt_context_t::info, rt_context_t::realloc, and rt_context_t::warn.

Referenced by _PG_init(), main(), and rt_init_allocators().

848  {
850  ctx_t.alloc = allocator;
851  ctx_t.realloc = reallocator;
852  ctx_t.dealloc = deallocator;
854  ctx_t.err = error_handler;
855 = info_handler;
856  ctx_t.warn = warning_handler;
857 }
rt_message_handler info
Definition: rt_api.c:809
rt_message_handler warn
Definition: rt_api.c:808
rt_reallocator realloc
Definition: rt_api.c:805
rt_deallocator dealloc
Definition: rt_api.c:806
static struct rt_context_t ctx_t
Definition: rt_api.c:813
rt_message_handler err
Definition: rt_api.c:807
rt_allocator alloc
Definition: rt_api.c:804

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