PostGIS  2.1.10dev-r@@SVN_REVISION@@
void rt_raster_get_phys_params ( rt_raster  rast,
double *  i_mag,
double *  j_mag,
double *  theta_i,
double *  theta_ij 

Calculates and returns the physically significant descriptors embodied in the geotransform attached to the provided raster.

rastthe raster containing the geotransform of interest
i_magsize of a pixel along the transformed i axis
j_magsize of a pixel along the transformed j axis
theta_iangle by which the raster is rotated (radians positive clockwise)
theta_ijangle from transformed i axis to transformed j axis (radians positive counterclockwise)

Definition at line 5536 of file rt_api.c.

References return(), rt_raster_calc_phys_params(), rt_raster_get_x_scale(), rt_raster_get_x_skew(), rt_raster_get_y_scale(), and rt_raster_get_y_skew().

Referenced by RASTER_setRotation().

5538 {
5539  double o11, o12, o21, o22 ; /* geotransform coefficients */
5541  if (rast == NULL) return ;
5542  if ( (i_mag==NULL) || (j_mag==NULL) || (theta_i==NULL) || (theta_ij==NULL))
5543  return ;
5545  /* retrieve coefficients from raster */
5546  o11 = rt_raster_get_x_scale(rast) ;
5547  o12 = rt_raster_get_x_skew(rast) ;
5548  o21 = rt_raster_get_y_skew(rast) ;
5549  o22 = rt_raster_get_y_scale(rast) ;
5551  rt_raster_calc_phys_params(o11, o12, o21, o22, i_mag, j_mag, theta_i, theta_ij);
5552 }
double rt_raster_get_x_skew(rt_raster raster)
Get skew about the X axis.
Definition: rt_api.c:5486
double rt_raster_get_y_skew(rt_raster raster)
Get skew about the Y axis.
Definition: rt_api.c:5495
double rt_raster_get_x_scale(rt_raster raster)
Get scale X in projection units.
Definition: rt_api.c:5455
void rt_raster_calc_phys_params(double xscale, double xskew, double yskew, double yscale, double *i_mag, double *j_mag, double *theta_i, double *theta_ij)
Calculates the physically significant descriptors embodied in an arbitrary geotransform.
Definition: rt_api.c:5555
double rt_raster_get_y_scale(rt_raster raster)
Get scale Y in projection units.
Definition: rt_api.c:5464
return(const char *)
Definition: dbfopen.c:1610

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