PostGIS  2.1.10dev-r@@SVN_REVISION@@
int rt_raster_has_band ( rt_raster  raster,
int  nband 

Return TRUE if the raster has a band of this number.

raster: the raster to get info from
nband: the band number. 0-based
TRUE if the raster has a band of this number, FALSE otherwise

Definition at line 8563 of file rt_api.c.

References rt_raster_t::numBands.

Referenced by _rti_iterator_arg_populate(), RASTER_clip(), RASTER_colorMap(), RASTER_convex_hull(), RASTER_dumpValues(), RASTER_hasNoBand(), RASTER_mapAlgebra2(), RASTER_mapAlgebraExpr(), RASTER_mapAlgebraFct(), RASTER_mapAlgebraFctNgb(), RASTER_tile(), RASTER_union_transfn(), rt_raster_colormap(), rtpg_nmapalgebra_rastbandarg_process(), test_gdal_polygonize(), test_raster_from_band(), and test_raster_metadata().

8563  {
8564  return !(NULL == raster || nband >= raster->numBands || nband < 0);
8565 }
uint16_t numBands
Definition: rt_api.h:2215
tuple nband

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