PostGIS  2.1.10dev-r@@SVN_REVISION@@
rt_errorstate rt_raster_contains ( rt_raster  rast1,
int  nband1,
rt_raster  rast2,
int  nband2,
int *  contains 

Return ES_ERROR if error occurred in function.

Parameter contains returns non-zero if rast1 contains rast2

rast1: the first raster whose band will be tested
nband1: the 0-based band of raster rast1 to use if value is less than zero, bands are ignored. if nband1 gte zero, nband2 must be gte zero
rast2: the second raster whose band will be tested
nband2: the 0-based band of raster rast2 to use if value is less than zero, bands are ignored if nband2 gte zero, nband1 must be gte zero
contains: non-zero value if rast1 contains rast2
ES_NONE if success, ES_ERROR if error

Definition at line 12464 of file rt_api.c.

References GSR_CONTAINS, RASTER_DEBUG, and rt_raster_geos_spatial_relationship().

Referenced by RASTER_contains(), and test_raster_geos_contains().

12468  {
12469  RASTER_DEBUG(3, "Starting");
12472  rast1, nband1,
12473  rast2, nband2,
12475  contains
12476  );
12477 }
static rt_errorstate rt_raster_geos_spatial_relationship(rt_raster rast1, int nband1, rt_raster rast2, int nband2, rt_geos_spatial_test testtype, int *testresult)
Definition: rt_api.c:12267
Datum contains(PG_FUNCTION_ARGS)
#define RASTER_DEBUG(level, msg)
Definition: rt_api.h:281

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