PostGIS  2.1.10dev-r@@SVN_REVISION@@
Todo List
globalScope> Global asx3d3_mpoly_coordindex (const LWMPOLY *psur, char *output)
TODO: Decide the best way to render holes Evidentally according to my X3D expert the X3D consortium doesn't really support holes and it's an issue of argument among many that feel it should. He thinks CAD x3d extensions to spec might. What he has done and others developing X3D exports to simulate a hole is to cut around it. So if you have a donut, you would cut it into half and have 2 solid polygons. Not really sure the best way to handle this. For now will leave it as polygons stacked on top of each other – which is what we are doing here and perhaps an option to color differently. It's not ideal but the alternative sounds complicated.
globalScope> Global lwgeom_set_handlers (lwallocator allocator, lwreallocator reallocator, lwfreeor freeor, lwreporter errorreporter, lwreporter noticereporter)
take a structure ?
globalScope> Global test_wkt_in_multipoint (void)
TODO: Paul put back in if you care after you do replace mumbo jumbo to replace the extra 0s in Windows