PostGIS  2.1.10dev-r@@SVN_REVISION@@
LWGEOM* lwgeom_from_hexwkb ( const char *  hexwkb,
const char  check 
checkparser check flags, see LW_PARSER_CHECK_* macros

Definition at line 753 of file lwin_wkb.c.

References bytes_from_hexbytes(), lwerror(), lwfree(), and lwgeom_from_wkb().

Referenced by cu_wkb_from_hexwkb(), geography_in(), ShpLoaderGenerateShapeRow(), test_lwgeom_calculate_gbox(), test_lwgeom_distance_sphere(), test_lwgeom_force_clockwise(), test_lwgeom_make_valid(), test_misc_wkb(), test_ptarray_contains_point_sphere(), test_ptarray_isccw(), and test_tree_circ_pip2().

754 {
755  int hexwkb_len;
756  uint8_t *wkb;
757  LWGEOM *lwgeom;
759  if ( ! hexwkb )
760  {
761  lwerror("lwgeom_from_hexwkb: null input");
762  return NULL;
763  }
765  hexwkb_len = strlen(hexwkb);
766  wkb = bytes_from_hexbytes(hexwkb, hexwkb_len);
767  lwgeom = lwgeom_from_wkb(wkb, hexwkb_len/2, check);
768  lwfree(wkb);
769  return lwgeom;
770 }
void lwfree(void *mem)
Definition: lwutil.c:190
uint8_t * bytes_from_hexbytes(const char *hexbuf, size_t hexsize)
Definition: lwin_wkb.c:69
LWGEOM * lwgeom_from_wkb(const uint8_t *wkb, const size_t wkb_size, const char check)
WKB inputs must have a declared size, to prevent malformed WKB from reading off the end of the memory...
Definition: lwin_wkb.c:728
void lwerror(const char *fmt,...)
Write a notice out to the error handler.
Definition: lwutil.c:67

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