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void stringbuffer_append ( stringbuffer_t sb,
const char *  s 

Append the specified string to the stringbuffer_t.

Definition at line 128 of file stringbuffer.c.

References stringbuffer_t::str_end, and stringbuffer_makeroom().

Referenced by dimension_qualifiers_to_wkt_sb(), empty_to_wkt_sb(), lwcircstring_to_wkt_sb(), lwcollection_to_wkt_sb(), lwcompound_to_wkt_sb(), lwcurvepoly_to_wkt_sb(), lwline_to_wkt_sb(), lwmcurve_to_wkt_sb(), lwmline_to_wkt_sb(), lwmpoint_to_wkt_sb(), lwmpoly_to_wkt_sb(), lwmsurface_to_wkt_sb(), lwpoint_to_wkt_sb(), lwpoly_to_wkt_sb(), lwpsurface_to_wkt_sb(), lwtin_to_wkt_sb(), lwtriangle_to_wkt_sb(), nd_box_to_json(), nd_stats_to_json(), ptarray_to_kml2_sb(), ptarray_to_wkt_sb(), stringbuffer_set(), test_stringbuffer_append(), and vasbappend().

129 {
130  int alen = strlen(a); /* Length of string to append */
131  int alen0 = alen + 1; /* Length including null terminator */
132  stringbuffer_makeroom(s, alen0);
133  memcpy(s->str_end, a, alen0);
134  s->str_end += alen;
135 }
char * s
Definition: cu_in_wkt.c:24
static void stringbuffer_makeroom(stringbuffer_t *s, size_t size_to_add)
If necessary, expand the stringbuffer_t internal buffer to accomodate the specified additional size...
Definition: stringbuffer.c:95

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