PostGIS  2.1.10dev-r@@SVN_REVISION@@
rt_pg.h File Reference
#include <stdint.h>
#include "rt_api.h"
#include "../../postgis_config.h"
#include "../raster_config.h"
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Data Structures

struct  rt_pgband8_t
struct  rt_pgband16_t
struct  rt_pgband32_t
struct  rt_pgband64_t
struct  rt_pgband_t


#define POSTGIS_RT_DEBUG(level, msg)   ((void) 0)
#define POSTGIS_RT_DEBUGF(level, msg, ...)   ((void) 0)


typedef struct rt_pgband8_t rt_pgband8
typedef struct rt_pgband16_t rt_pgband16
typedef struct rt_pgband32_t rt_pgband32
typedef struct rt_pgband64_t rt_pgband64
typedef struct rt_pgband_t rt_pgband
typedef struct rt_raster_serialized_t rt_pgraster