PostGIS  2.1.10dev-r@@SVN_REVISION@@
static void rtpg_clip_arg_destroy ( rtpg_clip_arg  arg)

Definition at line 18988 of file rt_pg.c.

References rtpg_clip_arg_t::band, rtpg_clip_arg_t::mask, rtpg_clip_arg_t::raster, and rt_raster_destroy().

Referenced by RASTER_clip().

18988  {
18989  if (arg->band != NULL)
18990  pfree(arg->band);
18992  if (arg->raster != NULL)
18993  rt_raster_destroy(arg->raster);
18994  if (arg->mask != NULL)
18995  rt_raster_destroy(arg->mask);
18997  pfree(arg);
18998 }
void rt_raster_destroy(rt_raster raster)
Release memory associated to a raster.
Definition: rt_api.c:5387
rt_raster mask
Definition: rt_pg.c:18964
rt_raster raster
Definition: rt_pg.c:18963
rtpg_clip_band band
Definition: rt_pg.c:18967

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