PostGIS  2.1.10dev-r@@SVN_REVISION@@
static char * asx3d3_triangle ( const LWTRIANGLE triangle,
char *  srs,
int  precision,
int  opts,
const char *  defid 

Definition at line 348 of file lwout_x3d.c.

References asx3d3_triangle_buf(), asx3d3_triangle_size(), and lwalloc().

Referenced by lwgeom_to_x3d3().

349 {
350  char *output;
351  int size;
353  size = asx3d3_triangle_size(triangle, srs, precision, opts, defid);
354  output = lwalloc(size);
355  asx3d3_triangle_buf(triangle, srs, output, precision, opts, defid);
356  return output;
357 }
static size_t asx3d3_triangle_size(const LWTRIANGLE *triangle, char *srs, int precision, int opts, const char *defid)
Definition: lwout_x3d.c:326
void * lwalloc(size_t size)
Definition: lwutil.c:175
static size_t asx3d3_triangle_buf(const LWTRIANGLE *triangle, char *srs, char *output, int precision, int opts, const char *defid)
Definition: lwout_x3d.c:339

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