PostGIS  2.1.10dev-r@@SVN_REVISION@@ File Reference

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def rtrowdump.logit (msg)
def rtrowdump.pt2gdt (pt)
def rtrowdump.pt2numpy (pt)


tuple rtrowdump.prs
string = "PostgreSQL database connection string, required"
 rtrowdump.VERBOSE = opts.verbose
tuple rtrowdump.rt = rtreader.RasterReader(opts.db, opts.table, opts.column, opts.where)
string rtrowdump.out_format = "GTiff"
tuple rtrowdump.out_driver = gdal.GetDriverByName(out_format)
tuple rtrowdump.out_data_type = pt2gdt(rt.pixel_types[0])
tuple rtrowdump.out_ds = out_driver.Create(opts.output, rt.width, rt.height, rt.num_bands, out_data_type)
tuple rtrowdump.raster = numpy.zeros((rt.height, rt.width), pt2numpy(out_data_type))
 Be careful!! Zeros function's input parameter can be a (height x width) array, not (width x height): More...
tuple rtrowdump.pixel = rt.get_value(b, width_index + 1, height_index + 1)
tuple = out_ds.GetRasterBand(b)