PostGIS  2.1.10dev-r@@SVN_REVISION@@
void lwgeom_set_handlers ( lwallocator  allocator,
lwreallocator  reallocator,
lwfreeor  freeor,
lwreporter  errorreporter,
lwreporter  noticereporter 

This function is called by programs which want to set up custom handling for memory management and error reporting.

Install custom memory management and error handling functions you want your application to use.

Only non-NULL values change their respective handler

Definition at line 151 of file lwutil.c.

References lwalloc_var, lwerror_var, lwfree_var, lwnotice_var, and lwrealloc_var.

Referenced by main().

153  {
155  if ( allocator ) lwalloc_var = allocator;
156  if ( reallocator ) lwrealloc_var = reallocator;
157  if ( freeor ) lwfree_var = freeor;
159  if ( errorreporter ) lwerror_var = errorreporter;
160  if ( noticereporter ) lwnotice_var = noticereporter;
161 }
lwallocator lwalloc_var
Definition: lwutil.c:15
lwreporter lwerror_var
Definition: lwutil.c:23
lwreporter lwnotice_var
Definition: lwutil.c:22
lwreallocator lwrealloc_var
Definition: lwutil.c:16
lwfreeor lwfree_var
Definition: lwutil.c:17

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