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Olivier Courtin Farewell

In March 2020 we lost a long time PostGIS developer and friend, Olivier Courtin. The PostGIS 3.2.0 release is named in his honor.
Olivier at Code Sprint

Olivier was a long time contributor to the PostGIS project and co-founder of Oslandia, a French Geospatial company focused on Open Source GIS and spatial data solutions. In more than a 10 year span, he contributed to PostGIS on many sides. He helped introduce and enhance many of the PostGIS output functions: ST_AsGML, ST_AsKML, ST_AsGeoJSON, and ST_AsSVG. He also helped implement 3D surface geometry support in PostGIS 2.0 and addition of advanced 2D and 3D functions via SFCGAL.

Olivier was a charter member of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation OSGeo and a vocal advocate of Open Source software. In addition to the PostGIS OSGeo project, he contributed to other OSGeo projects: QGIS, and MapServer. He also was a speaker in many geospatial and PostgreSQL conferences and was an organizer of OSGeo Code Sprint in Paris (2012) as well as several PostgreSQL Day France conferences.